17 filas, 17 filas Merlot and 17 filas Petit Verdot



They represent the germ of the project, the peak of the iceberg or the mosquito captured inside of a piece of amber, waiting for its release.

Susan and Emilio of “Bodegas y viñedos La Capuchina” knew how to understand perfectly the outline of the initial project in July 2010 and the uncorking of some wine bottles. What started as an innocent challenge for a group of wine-loving friends was the perfect excuse to dream.

The first season of the 17 Filas saga (D.O. Sierras de Málaga) didn’t reach 600 bottles in total, turning these three wines quickly into collectors’ pieces: 17 Filas, 17 Filas Merlot and 17 Filas Petit Verdot (all three of them belonging to the designation of origin “Sierras de Málaga”).

They are potent wines of a marked spiced character and a fruity touch, as a sign of the grape’s exoticism which they are made of, and in which the terroir of La Capuchina exhibits itself with sufficient power in order not go unnoticed. It is the perfect scenery of a beautiful “finca” (country house) in the north of Malaga, where the hospitality of its hosts is difficult to be excelled.



merlot This variety is characterized by being a grape with a small seed, sweet pulp and by its black- bluish color. The Merlot originally comes from Bordeaux, where its cultivation is widely spread.

Petit Verdot:

petit-verdot The Petit Verdot is a red grape variety that comes originally from Bordeaux and which might be considered the most exotic of the French grapes. It is a grape of late ripening, because it needs to be very ripe in order to reach its plenitude. A small berry of intense and bright purple colors. It produces fine wines, dry and structured, and very suitable for ageing. Good acidity and very balanced.