Pajarete 17 filas


With “Pajarete 17 Filas” (D.O. Málaga), we take the history of Malaga up again, which is as well the history of its wines. The Pajarete was during very long time the “King of Wines from Malaga” and today it is still a unique wine that is only elaborated in our designation of origin.

For this special and renewed edition of Pajarete, we counted on the collaboration of the wine cellar “Antigua Casa de la Guardia”, which has most “soleras” in Malaga and practically in the whole national territory, because they produce wine since 1840.

Its “Moscatel” and “Pedro Ximénez” vineyards are situated dispersed over land with great inclinations in the mountains of Malaga, in the municipality of Olías, less than 20km away from the capital, receiving the Mediterranean sun and breeze that contribute to the optimal ripening of the grapes.

Traditionally the Pajarete is produced with the grape Pedro Ximénez as a single variety. In Bodegas y viñedos 17 Filas we wanted to update this concept by giving it a touch of modernity, including a slight nuance of Moscatel from Alexandria (85:15), resulting into a very personal, fresh, perfumed, honeyed and lively Pajarete, identifying marks of Malaga’s character.


Pedro Ximénez:

pedro-ximenez The variety Pedro Ximénez is characterized by its small size and rounded appearance with a very thin, almost transparent skin. It is widely cultivated throughout the south of Spain, because it requires dry climates and high temperatures in order to grow properly. It has an elevated sugar content, which makes it perfect for the elaboration of liquor-wines and liquor. In Malaga it represents one of the indispensable grape varieties for the appellation (Designation of Origin) where excellent wines are being made.

Moscatel de Alejandría:

moscatel-de-alejandria It is a typical Mediterranean white grape, which is considered by experts as one of the world’s eldest varieties. It has large berries and a golden color. In Malaga it found its ideal habitat, being directly connected to it. The Muscat of Alexandria, as well known as Muscat of Malaga, possesses an outstanding olfactory power, producing very aromatic wines, very fresh ones and with a distinctive Mediterranean character.