17 filas Bajovelo





A traditional method of winemaking is the “Solera and Criadera System” highly developed in Andalusia, but which is unfortunately not used that much anymore in our province. The Crianza system together with the “flor” cap of yeast gives us the opportunity to enjoy the Pedro Ximenéz in a different way: a wine that was kept and preserved in time, protected by its biological blanket, maintaining its secret.

17 Filas Bajovelo (D.O. Málaga) surprises us with its cleanliness, shine and luminosity, accompanied by the aroma of roasted barrel the wine was deposited in and saline nuances that represent perfectly the sensations of Malaga’s coast and it evokes the well-known Andalusia, profound and complete that it should never stop being.

For the elaboration of this polemic, intense and sophisticated wine with a hundred percent Andalusian character, Bodegas y viñedos 17 Filas incorporate their well-kept secret and receive support by the “soleras” of “Gomara Wine cellars”, a classic wine cellar, active. Definitely a great representative of Spain’s eldest designation of origin.


Pedro Ximénez:

pedro-ximenez The variety Pedro Ximénez is characterized by its small size and rounded appearance with a very thin, almost transparent skin. It is widely cultivated throughout the south of Spain, because it requires dry climates and high temperatures in order to grow properly. It has an elevated sugar content, which makes it perfect for the elaboration of liquor-wines and liquor. In Malaga it represents one of the indispensable grape varieties for the appellation (Designation of Origin) where excellent wines are being made.