The project





Bodegas y Viñedos 17 Filas came up as an enological project during the season of 2011, covering the province of Malaga entirely and adding value to the quality of its wines, its great enological diversity and “terroir”.

Through our unique and very well cared elaborations, we want to support the new tendencies in vinification, by updating products and traditional elaborations, spreading the consumption of wines from Malaga in the local and national market and offering Malaga to the world of sensations.

In our opinion, enology is part of the history of a place, its customs, its social and cultural aspects, as a reflection of its people, lifestyle and gastronomy, being as well closely attached to its landscape.

In “Bodegas y Viñedos 17 Filas” we incorporate these concepts in our working philosophy, collaborating with the most prestigious wine cellars of Malaga. We study their terroir, the adaption of grape varieties and we design our own unique wines in a limited edition. Wines of different nuances that reflect Malaga’s personality in one glass.